Thursday, February 3, 2011

yesterday's lunch.

only taking 12 hours this semester has already proven to be a beautiful decision (it actually wasn't so much a decision as it was that i only needed 12 hours to graduate).

not only do i have tons more time to do the things i love {creativity} but i also have time to delve into complete restoration of my relationship with food.

i'm fully aware that i will undergo many more seasons in my life that won't allow for as much food exploration as this one does, but i think that these extra hours i have each day are right on time for what the things on which i need to be working....

...things like this sandwich:
tuna salad with hummus on whole wheat bread and some roasted zuccini (both grilled in my george foreman.) i also ate a swiss miss pudding cup afterwards !

have a beautiful day.


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