Sunday, March 27, 2011

"I’ve realized that my aneurysm was a gift in many ways. I learned to live by almost dying. Even though I was always pretty outgoing, I kept a lot inside, too.
I’ve learned so many things about myself.
I’m not sure whether I’m back to normal—it’s a new normal, a different me. 2010 was the year of recovery and rediscovery. 2011 is about living."
-Nancy Jarecki
(reflecting on her year of recovery from a brain aneurysm and four neurosurgeries that resulted. read the rest of her story here)

*the photos below were taken on "the cruise"*

although nancy and i are in recovery from vastly different things,
i have to say i agree with her.

when we are willing to fight, our struggles become opportunities to see the world through lenses of



  1. Beautiful pictures!
    And I LOVE the quote.
    I often find quotes that are say about cancer etc and I can connect :)


  2. Ok I think I need a copy of that last picture so I came frame it for my house. Like I'm tearing up just looking at. Ya'll are toooooo precious........and I'm just overly sentimental.