Monday, August 2, 2010

demanding freedom.

let me preface this post with an apology: i know that i am about to de-originalize myself by posting a clip from Lord of the Rings on my blog. how many pastors have done exactly what i'm about to do in their sermons? if i had a dollar for half of them i'd be a wealthy woman.

but when i watched this scene i knew i had no other choice.

my brother and i have spent the past couple of afternoons watching the Lord of the Rings movies. if you haven't seen them or if it's been awhile, the video below is from a scene in which gollum/smeagol fights with himself over which of his alter-egos (good or evil) he will allow to stay.

i found myself incredibly empowered by this scene, and if you're struggling with an eating disorder (or any sort of deception or stronghold) i hope you find it empowering too!

(if you've never struggled with an eating disorder, or any sort of addiction, please don't mistakenly assume from this post that eating disorders/addictions involve multiple personalities or hallucinatory voices. while these things can certainly accompany psychological disorders and addictions, the point of this video is merely to highlight the severity of deceptive thoughts and malperceptions that accompany eating disorders, and to show that with true desire, determination, and perseverance they can be put to rest.)

p.s. yeah. so apparently this video can't be embedded. just click down there and go watch it.



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