Saturday, August 14, 2010

part two: something tragically beautiful happened today...

i loaded my size * pants and some various other useless items (think t-shirts with rhinestone 'e's on them and pajama pants from when i was 12) and headed to saver's.

saver's is a magical place that's very much like goodwill, only the donating and the shopping both take place on the same site.

as i pulled up, a golden-haired man emerged from the side-door designated for donations. he was kind as he took my items and he smelled pleasantly of tobacco. he had no idea what an important thing he was helping me do- how essential it was that he'd showed up to work that morning.

we thanked one another and told me to tell my friends to donate. i assured him i would as i stepped towards the front door and into the wonderful realm of all things old and awesome and cheap.

saver's is normally a multi-hour process of digging and sorting and figuring out what's really cool and what i only like because i'm thrift-happy (being thrift happy is thinking that you love perfectly awful things because you're in an excellent mood because you're thrifting).

today, however, i encountered a yard-long row of the most excellent fabrics i think i've ever encountered (all of which will go towards clothing to fit my new self). i also found a lamp for my new apartment ($6!!!) which i am going to fix up/polish/paint. yes.

as i paid for my things, i couldn't help but marvel at the incredibly apparent symbolism of what was happening.

i had dropped off the old, the evil, the things i still sort of loved but i knew i couldn't. and once i'd done it in faith and walked away, i was greeted with an abundance so beautiful i could never trade it back for the old stuff.

it wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

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