Wednesday, July 7, 2010

if the ocean were a woman.

i'm in florida with my family right now, and found myself inspired by the gentle power of the ocean as it knocked me back and forth in its arms this morning. here's the result of a couple hours worth of pondering afterwards.

if the ocean were a woman, she would be full, confident, strong.

her musculature, though beautiful, would not exist for beauty itself, but to carry others, be them on long journeys or just trying to relax.

she would not refuse nourishment, as nourishment alone would sustain her beauty and her strength.

she would be unafraid of her emotions and unafraid to express them- be them peaceful & calm, or loud & violent, or somewhere in between.

her strength would not scare or disgust her, but she would call it her most beautiful quality, a quality she would wear with confident humility.

she would not attempt to isolate or hide, but would find her uttermost joy in her purpose as a pillar of tranquility and life for all who encountered her.

if the ocean were a woman she would find herself in an unavoidable cycle of ebb and flow. she would not fear it, but embrace it, knowing that only in such a cycle, was she actually herself.

when she caused others pain, or felt that her fierceness was a source of more harm than good, she would not dry up in her guilt, but continue in the knowledge that without her, things would cease to be the same.

if the ocean were a woman, with gentle dignity and elegance, she would be the ultimate nurturer. she would make children laugh, and grown-ups relax.she would sense needs and she would meet them.

if the ocean were a woman, her self-sufficiency would allow room for the love and the aid of others. she would not refuse help, but welcome it as needed, understanding that some problems were too much for one person.

if the ocean were a woman, she would love herself as herself and others as others. she would accept change, welcome adventure, and foster all forms of life.

if the ocean were a woman she would be free.

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